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Jewish Heritage Tours: The Itinerary

by constancetodd

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Israel is one of the most captivating places to check out on the planet, not just because of its long past but also its value to 3 significant religions. You don't have to be a Jew, a Moslem, or a Christian to delight in its many religious sights. Any person who likes to visit a nation that offers extraordinary historic learning experiences will definitely enjoy the journey.

You can book well-planned Jewish heritage tours to better appreciate the country, without wasting any time. A visit to the historic city of Jerusalem, regarded by Israelis as their rightful capital, is part of the deal. This will give you the opportunity to see the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, the main tourist attraction in the city, that's situated in a 45-acre complex of several indoor and outdoor establishments. It was built as a monument to the Jews who suffered in World War II.

Caesaria is up next in your Jewish heritage tour schedule. It has ancient Roman theater ruins and many other historical sites. It also has 2 Caesaria Ralli Museums, the first of which displays mainly Latin American and Spanish sculptures and paintings. The second museum exhibits 16th to 18th century paintings that present biblical themes.

Packaged Jewish heritage tours will also take you to Haifa, with its Baha'i Gardens and Golden Dome. The gardens were made from voluntary contributions from members of the faith. A large number of people working at the place are volunteers who believe in the preachings of their founder and prophet, Baha'u 'allah, about equality of the sexes, respect for the environment, and many more.

After Haifa, you can check out the nearby ancient walled city of Acre which was a prison during the Ottoman Empire. It was where the Baha'i leader, his family, and devotees were confined for many years, but in spite of this, their faith continued to proliferate. It is an Arabic locale with mosques and bazaars that are really intriguing locations to go to too.

These are only a few of the numerous sites that Jewish heritage tours cover. If you desire to take the journey of a lifetime, take a tour to Israel. With the nation's many historical places, you're sure to get an unforgettable crash course on history. Please check out the following sites for more on such trips:

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