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DJ Tiesto – Live in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi

by PreetiJagwani

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Yes, you read that right. DJ Tiesto will perform in India for the very first time. The new drug to hit the music circuit is Electronic Dance Music (or EDM as most people prefer to call it). It is one genre of music that is loved by one and all. And one of the first names that comes to our mind when we think EDM is DJ Tiesto.

His songs are phenomenal. Be it his remix of He's a Pirate (of the Pirates of the Caribbean fame), Adagio For Strings or Urban Train, all his songs have rocked every nook and corner of this planet. EDM is one genre of music that is not as easy as it seems. A lot of aspects are to be taken care off when an artist is a dance music producer or a DJ. First, the sound. Sound characteristics is by far the most important thing when it comes to performing for a live audience. The monitors, the sound ambiance, the sound acoustics (especially when playing in an indoor venue) and the whole sound scape is of supreme importance. Without achieving a perfect balance in sound no DJ/producer will be good enough. If the artist is brilliant with sound then he/she has the capability to move the planet. Literally!

The second aspect that comes into play when being a dance music producer is the sampling techniques. Without the use of good samples and sampling techniques the music will sound dull and will most probably bore the audiences to death. Sampling techniques along with a good sound spectrum is the key to being a great artist. To add to all the technicalities there is creativity that is needed in leaps and bounds. Knowing techniques is great no doubt but what is the point of being technically sound when there is no creativity in music. The balance between techniques, sound and creativity decides how great an artist truly is.

The equipment as of today, headphones, iPods etc., are extremely advanced. Imagine how bad it would be to listen to a song that is badly mixed and mastered on Bose/Skull Candy headphones. It is like an insult to technology. Music and technology have always gone hand-in-hand. Both of them together make up the music scene as of today. Even in India there are brilliant bands that play some really good electronica and dance music.

DJ Tiesto is one artist that has perfected the art of sound, techniques and creativity. Watching him play live is a dream come true for many. Tiesto Bangalore is going to be on crazy show. The people of Bangalore have always been knows for their love of music and DJ Tiesto coming to their city is a boon. Tiesto Mumbai is going to be a crazy event. The buzzing city of Mumbai is known for versatility. People are more open to dance music in Mumbai. The city has a vibrant electronic music scene and it has been rising with what we would like to call the electronic music revolution. Tiesto Delhi is probably going to be craziest of them all. Everybody knows that Delhi is one city where everybody loves to dance and who better to dance to than DJ Tiesto. Book Tiesto Bangalore tickets before they finish.