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It must have often happened with you that you want to listen to your favorite song at high volume and got interrupted by your mother asking you to lower the sound yet other times your neighbor must be threatening you to call police if you don’t lower the volume of your T.V while watching cricket. But you don’t need to worry about such things anymore only if you install acoustic panels at your home. Acoustic panels are known to be excellent sound absorbing agents reducing the outflow of sound from the walls of your house to the outside world.

Acoustic Panels are often confused with soundproofing materials since both work to reduce sound. They do have a basic difference, soundproofing materials reduce the inlay of sound from the outside into your house they are good sound repellents whereas acoustic panels absorb sounds inside your house and stop them from leaking outside so that your high volume music does not become a nuisance for your neighbor. On top of that, soundproofing devices are installed within the walls whereas acoustic panels are hung or mounted on a bracket. Acoustic panels are very mobile as you can take them to areas within the house where their need is more.

One of the greatest advantageous of acoustic panels besides being good at sound absorbing is that they are aesthetically very pleasing. Acoustic panels are no compromise when it comes to being attractive, elegant and full of trendy designs. Acoustic panels are available in different colors and designs that enhance the beauty of places such as auditoriums, places of worship, home theatres, studios where they are used as bass traps for clearer and sharper sounds. They come in variety of fabrics and designs; you will hardly be able to tell them apart from a place’s interior décor unless you have come across one. Some of them come with art work in scripted in their outer cover giving the place a very holistic look.

It is common belief that they are only to be used in enclosed spaces but nowadays acoustic panels are used outdoors in open spaces to stop sounds from traffic or nearby construction project or a generator from entering the house or the building. Acoustic panels come in sizes ranging from 2’x2’ to 48’x120’ inches; the main material used in their building is fiber glass. They are the apt solution for all your sound related problems.

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