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Geoloqal Overview

by nickchristo7

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GeoLoqal Platform Overview
GeoLoqal is a powerful platform to build, simulate and monetize location based solutions. It enables mobile devices, OEMs and enterprise partners to quickly add geolocation rich functionality to applications and devices. It includes a complete real-time toolkit for location simulation, geotargeting, and location analytics services.

Create Location Based Solutions With Ease
GeoLoqal helps carriers, mobile application developers, publishers, advertisers and M2M application developers provide value added location based services to their customers. The platform provides an easily configurable and consumable format for complex GIS related computations. Built with big and fast data, machine learning and cloud computing at its core, our platform is easily scalable to meet the real time needs of the largest carriers and publishers of the world. Be it geotargeted commerce, fleet/asset tracking, telematics or hyper local mobile advertising solutions – the power of location, user and geographic context is packaged into GeoLoqal’s APIs and SDKs. We provide an intuitive web application to manage the lifecycle of your location based solutions (LBS).
GeoLoqal has developed a scalable, secure, cloud infrastructure leveraging proven as well as emerging technologies. Our systems leverage advanced analytics atop vast amounts of data to enable better decision making. GeoLoqal’s platform leverages latest advancements in BIG and fast data.

We are investing significantly in R&D to enhance our platform. Various SDKs and integration solutions are available for quicker adoption.

GeoLoqal understands that geofencing is more than a dot with a circle around it. That’s why we included various distinct geometric objects in our geofencing capabilities (e.g. Point, LineString, Polygon, MultiPoint, CircularString etc). We also account for the fact that you might want to target users at a distance away from your geofences. So, we included features that allow you to send alerts and notifications when your users are at a distance (pre-determined by you) from your geofences or have entered your geofence and also allow you to control your triggers until the user has been dwelling inside the geofence for a time period (controlled by you).

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