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Know More For A Successful Laser Tattoo Removal

by laserbella

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In earlier days, once you have a tattoo on your body, it was difficult to remove them. Besides this, the processes were so typical, painful and dissatisfying that people often have to bear the unwanted tattoos for their whole life. However, advances in the Laser technology has reversed the fact that they are a lifelong commitment. Laser tattoo removal is not meant for everyone and thus to have realistic expectations, one must take into account following issues.

The basics of the laser treatment:

The technique makes use of intense laser beam which breaks down the tattoo pigments. The pigments are broken down into smaller particles which are flushed out of the body through the immune system of the body. Due to its unique system, the process work in a better way over some candidates than others.

Which tattoos are best to remove through the process:

With time, there has been improvement in the ink quality which makes them strong. Therefore tattoos which are more than 10 years old are better to remove as compare to newer ones. Apart from this, the color of the tattoo is also a deciding factor in the success of the laser tattoo removal. The dark colored tattoos are easier to remove than the lighter ones. Red and yellow are the most difficult color to remove. Moreover, a multicolored tattoo will require multiple treatments as the different colors respond to different laser wavelengths.

Another important point to consider here is the location of the tattoo. Tattoos on the more fat accumulated areas like arms, legs, buttocks, cheat are easier than the tattoos on the less fat areas like fingers or ankles.

Who are best individuals for the tattoo removal process?

Laser therapy works best on the color contrast. Therefore, individuals with lighter skin and darker tattoos will respond amazingly well in the process. The lighter the skin, the better are the results.

The treatment success also depends upon the strength of the immune system of the individual. A healthier person with a stronger immune system will take fewer sessions for the process. Moreover, some of the unpleasant side effects are less visible on healthier individual.

Being at a healthy weight is also beneficial for an individual to experience better results,. Therefore if you have any extra fats, you must first go for weight loss. Last but not the least, you should quit smoking months before the laser tattoo removal process for better experience.

Some facts:

In spite of above given facts, some tattoos respond well to the treatment. One should be well hydrated and well slept before the treatment. You can use a topical numbing agent to reduce the pain. There should be a pain management system in the clinic where treatment will take place. After the treatment, you should avoid heat of the sun, hot shower for 24 hours and direct sun exposure.

The laser therapy has been widely accepted all around the world in different forms like laser hair reduction, wrinkle removal, Photofacial and many more. It is the most safe and effective technique till date.

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