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School Authorities Ensure Safety Through School Stop Signs

by Denis

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Every day thousands of children go to school. These children include students of all age groups from 3-20 years. All students spend half of their day there playing, studying, enjoying and making friends. However, each activity of theirs is monitored by the school staff which includes teachers, principal and administration. This is because it will be them who will be responsible for their every good or bad action. As we all know that children are quite notorious in their middle age. They want to explore the world and in this attempt they sometimes do what they are prohibited for.

Therefore, all schools have adopted some safety measures for the protection of their students. These safety measures include various activities like not allowing any student going out from school during school hours, there are medical facilities in case of an emergency, school wristbands for small children identify them, School Stop Signs in the nearby area of schools to warn the coming vehicles to go slow and many others.

Among these safety measures, wristbands are an excellent way to protect the children. When the children are in nursery or play group, they find it difficult to tell their names and address to the teachers. However, teachers can easily identify them through the names imprinted on their bands. Similarly, if you have planned a field trip for students, it becomes easy for you to head count them while boarding the buses. Some school wristbands have a pouch in them so that a paper can be inserted in it having names, allergies and medical problems with the child. In addition to this, there is an emergency contact number of any of his family members.

In case of any bus accident, local people can inform the family of the injured children with the help of information on the bands. Some schools have facility of parent child identification wristbands. These wristbands are printed in pairs and have a common identification number. During the child admission, such wristbands are given to parents, one for them and another for their child. This way, school authorities can identify the person when they come to pick the child from school.

Wristbands have their wide use also in hospitals and police stations. Besides the bands, school stop signs are an important facility by the schools to ensure children’s safety. Some schools are located in a busy area. Vehicles keep on passing by whole day through that area. Therefore, it is important to manage the the traffic while school hours. For this, stop signs are placed in the vehicles approaching the area. This warns the speedy vehicles to slow down while crossing the road. Various guards are also on their duty to prevent children from running on the roads and to help the small children to cross the road safely.

Child safety is of prime importance for the school authorities and thus they try to adopt every new and innovative measure to ensure that. Parents also trust the school where they believe that their child would be safe.

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