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How Do you Cut The Clutter To Find Expert Software Testers?

by anonymous

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Software testing is a broad term indeed. And not everyone who claims to do software testing effectively knows what they are talking about. Everybody knows the importance of testing. Testing a very broad term. It is essential for all kinds of product development. Be it manufacturing goods or software products, QA is must before you launch your product in to the market. But the fact is less number of people feel the importance of the testing and they believe all issues or bugs can be rectify in development phase itself in unit testing phase by developer so they give least priorities to it.

On top of it, if you do want to get testing done the perfect way, then also – software testers fail. Software testing fails as well. To be very frank and honest, using software application as end user is not
software application testing. Person having simple computer knowledge can use any application like; everyone uses Facebook application or any other social media tool. But the real credit should goes to the people who develop such application and Manual Testing Experts, who test those products and make it so simple that end user having simple computer knowledge can use this without getting any issue or bug. Now the point, who is good software QA expert?

Let me share with you a small incident as an example, few days back some of our (Mindfire Solutions) testers from Manual Testing Service team attained a software conference. They shared some interesting facts to me. One for our test engineers has his business card which read "Test programmer". He met many people in the conference and exchanged software testing experience. One very old gentleman with his two collogues met him and exchanged some ideas between them. In the discussion the old gentleman who is the owner of that company asked a few questions to Mindfire Testing expert like, how you test software application by writing simple java script and HTML tag. Our expert explained to him, how we work and what all QA techniques and processes we follow for our testing projects. In addition, our test engineer asked couple of basic technical questions to the team which stood behind the gentleman. The questions were basic. But surprisingly, they gave a cold shrug and said, “This is not tester’s stuff” and left. Then the gentleman, the owner of the consulting company, gave our tester the knowing look that said everything - this is the kind of incompetence we have to put up with.

Now the point is everyone thinks it is a very easy thing or a kind of “click-click crash” type of job for Manual QA experts. And anyone can press buttons and link and feel it is done. But you have to discuss with us to understand how we do software testing at Mindfire Solutions. Whenever any QA project comes to us our Manual Testing service team goes through the application and makes a proper test plan before starting to work on it. Our QA experts write test cases for both Manual and automation tools.

Mindfire Manual Testing Experts Team maintains bugs/ issue in BTS and follow complete bug life cycle. Mindfire has an excellent delivery record and focus in QA Services. Its expertise and experience of Quality Assurance services comes with her long association with QA practices. They understand that robust applications stand tall only when it goes through a strict process of testing. Be it Manual, Automation or Domain based testing, they are be the first chose for all product owner in the market.


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    Nice Post, Thanks for sharing about testers

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