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Biodiversity Governance Models in India - NRMC

by nrmcindia

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NRMC India, under a recently concluded UNDP Project, undertook a sectoral research of prevalent biodiversity governance models in India. The study, conducted in association with experts from UNDP and Foundation for Ecological Security study, has been published in the form of an international publication by UNDP.

The report titled Conservation Across Landscapes: India’s Approaches to Biodiversity Governance was released at a Ministerial Reception hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India on October 17 by Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan, Hon’ble Minister of Environment and Forests and Rebeca Grynspan, UN Under Secretary General and UNDP Associate Administrator. This report calls for adopting a landscape approach to biodiversity governance which will allow a range of ecosystems to thrive and not just the smaller protected parts of it. On the basis of a detailed review of prevalent biodiversity governance models in India, the report concludes that solutions to conservation challenges require a variety of governance approaches instead of isolated conservation approaches.

Conservation Across Landscapes: India’s Approaches to Biodiversity Governance outlines five models of biodiversity governance and explores their effectiveness. Two models – protected areas and territorial forests – fall within the protected area stream of biodiversity governance. Three other models – autonomous community efforts, co-management of forests and decentralized governance of biodiversity – are more closely aligned with community based conservation.

The Report frames the future of biodiversity governance through several recommendations including valuation of ecosystem services, mainstreaming biodiversity considerations into commercial sectors, addressing governance gaps in coastal and marine conservation, recognizing community conserved areas, unlocking economic opportunity of the non-timber forest products (NTFPs) and promotion of ecosystem-based approaches in development planning.

NRMC India was the lead agency that was responsible for secondary research, analysis, and production of the final report including design and printing. This Communication Product will be used as an outreach tool for international audiences. For the detail report please visit the link at

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NR Management Consultants India Private Limited (NRMC), India is a development sector organisation providing advisory and project management support .It stands at the forefront of matching sustainable development problems with proven strategies, methods, and tools to achieve broad-based, equitable solutions at local, national and international levels.

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