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A Few Reminders Why You Should Have More Sleep

by coryjosue

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We all know that sleeping has lots of benefits. Even if we are dozing off, we still got a lot of things accomplished; but of course, you should have at least seven to nine hours of slumber to have a more radiant skin or smaller pores the following day. So spend more time in bed and get the beauty sleep that your body and mind deserves.

According to many beauty magazines and doctors, enough sleep will give you a more luminous complexion and the instant fresh look even without make-up. But let us delve more into the benefits of beauty sleep.

It Gives You Brighter Eyes
Eyebags are one of the most annoying facial features for anyone. But when you have enough sleep, it is unlike to form underneath your eyes. Eyebags and dark circles form because fluid tends to pool beneath your eyes.

To prevent this from happening, skip salty foods after lunch and limit yourself just one glass of wine during dinner. You can also dab a gel with caffeine before going to bed to tighten the pores around your eyes. You will be amazed with the improvement of your eyes once you start this regimen.

It Evens Out Your Skin Tone
Staying up all night makes your skin blotchy and pale and the best way to counter this is to have enough sleep. But remember, you cannot make up for lost sleep so it is better that you set your body and mind to a specific sleeping time so that it can rejuvenate properly. Sleep encourages healthy blood flow to your skin and cells regenerate at night, too—this relaxes the lines across your face to avoid wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Sleep Improves Memory
When you have problems memorizing or retaining information and someone says that you should “sleep on it”, take their advice. One of the greatest benefits of sleeping is that it allows you to better process new information, thus increasing your knowledge and retention. Doctors call this process consolidation. So the next time that you are reviewing for an exam, might as well sleep on it to ace it.

Sleep Helps You with Your Weight Issues
Diet and sleep goes hand in hand. If you want to have a more stable weight, might as well consider an earlier bedtime too. It has been proven that sleep help regulate the hormones that affect and control your appetite. And the more you are sleep-deprived, your appetite increases—and not for good foods, instead, for sugar, calories, fats, etc.

According to Dr. Edwin Magallona, a Philippine plastic surgeon, eyebags can be prevented if you have proper sleep and if you sleep correctly. There are many ways to minimize eyebags and one of the easiest ways to do it is by having at least eight hours of sleep.

So next time, always remember the benefits of sleeping before heading out to party all night. Who knows, it’s your first step into having a more healthy looking skin and a sharper mind.

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