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A new way to remove scratches from glass

by lowcountryglass

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Lowcountry Glass & Shower Door LLC, your Mt Pleasant glass provider, is proud to announce that we have purchased a glass scratch removal system made by GlassWeld. Why is this a big deal you ask? Well, the shower glass that we install comes wrapped in protective plastic. The plastic film is not removed until it is inside the bathroom in which we are working. The glass is then installed, with the final step of the installation process being the cleaning of the glass. On some occasions, scratches may be visible after everything is completed. There are tolerances in the glass industry for scratches, but the last thing someone wants to hear after investing money in a new shower door is “ sorry mam,sir , that is within industry standards”. In the past, the glass would have to be removed, and a replacement glass installed. Of course, this costs us and the customer time and money. A compound is applied with a buffing pad and a specialized drill. Depending on the type and severity of the scratch, this could take between 5 minutes, to upwards of thirty minutes. Hopefully , we will not be using this new tool often, but it is nice to have at our disposal for all of our Mt pleasant glass customers. Please check our blog next month for exciting news in the residential glass and remodeling industry.

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