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Truth Spells: Divining Truth through Different Situations

by anonymous

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Truth spells are characterized as the negative spells because they pressurize another person to do as you want without their knowledge. Another truth is that many spells are done by women because they could not and did not know to control men in their lives. Our society is male dominated. Their words are considered as the rules and regulation for the women as well as children. They feel powerless and they use different type of spells instead of solving the problem. It is the most cowardly way of doing things. But earlier there were no police, no courts and no divorce cases. People remain silent due to family; they want to solve family matters inside the family only, not in courts. This is the main cause of emerging of truth spells and truth divination.


Different type of truth spells are:


  • Commanding spell: Products that are used for this type of spells include Sweet flag & licorice, oil of bergamot, vetiver, Jojoba and castor oil.
  • Truth candle spell: products required are: Brown paper, purple candle and pen.
  • Truth Spell: Yellow candle is required & place it in a location in your bed room. Dress it with compelling oil. Then light the candle. For its supporting base use metal, glass dish or ceramics.

Procedure of chanting spells includes:


Show me the truth

By the power of three

I conjure three

Give the truth to me

After waking up in the morning, note down all that you have seen in your dreams. The truth will be found. You can also make money by chanting spells. There is nothing evil, harmful, bad or unethical about using spells to bring you money. Money truth spells are ancient.

 Top Business people, CEOs & politicians have been using spells for the position they are now.


Truths Games: Knowing the Problems and Solving Those Problems

Truth is one thing that will lead to a better & successful life. If you listen to truth, you can decide whether you should respond to the truth or not in that situation. Truth shows the way and answers your question of who you are? Many people can’t discover themselves. By truths games, they help themselves to figure out, pay their dues, and fix their weaknesses. They want to put efforts to meet everyone’s expectations. Be in the world of truth. Self confidence is the most important thing to tell the truth. Truth is radiate, ruminate, marinate and illuminate. Step into the world of truth & live your life in peace.

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