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Cordless Drills and Tools: Take a Look at Their Buying Guide

by uktools

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Cordless drills have become really popular, especially among people who buy these kits for domestic use. When cordless drills were introduced, they used to be very bulky because of which they were really difficult to use. A drill is heavier in itself, to add on, a cordless drill has the bulk of the battery used to power the motor. As technology progressed, the bulkier batteries have been replaced by Lithium ion cells. Li-ion cells are being extensively used because they are less bulky and offer more run time. Li-ion cells may be costlier, but have a better performance and are less bulky.


How to choose your cordless drills?


Choosing cordless tools requires some understanding about their functioning and an idea about how you plan to use them in future. In our domestic use, we do not generally require maximum run time and power because we do not use the cordless drills for tasks that are difficult to achieve without high power. In addition, for domestic use, drills are not used for long durations; hence you can easily recharge the cells. Cordless tools with Ni-Cd batteries are hence better than Li-ion powered cordless tools for domestic use as they are cheaper.


Hold the cordless drill in your hand


It is very important that the balance of cordless drills is perfect. An imperfect balance may result in poor holes which would be useless. Hold the drill machine in your hand and see if you can handle the weight. Point it towards he wall as if you are drilling a hole and notice if the grip is fine and you would be able to use it comfortably. Also make sure that the chuck of the drill points straight and is not inclined in any direction.

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