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Comparing Dry Cleaning with Steam Cleaning

by moscowgordeeva

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Maybe you are asking yourself which method is best used to clean carpets. Is it steam cleaning or dry cleaning? Well, people debate about this topic often but the bottom line is steam cleaning and dry cleaning have their own advantages and disadvantages. However people get confused about their usage as applicable to carpet cleaning. Carpet gives the floor of your home a tidy and clean look and also saves it from stains and dirt. In the process, the carpet catches dirt hence bringing on the challenge of cleaning them. There are two methods used to clean carpets namely; steam cleaning and dry cleaning. People often debate about the effectiveness and drawbacks of the two methods used in carpet cleaning. This brings us to discuss these two methods used to clean carpets.

Let us start with carpet-dry-cleaning but first note that it doesn’t mean no usage of water. Little water is used compared to steam cleaning. To understand it better, let us look into some of the carpet-dry-cleaning methods. One of them is the Dry Foam method where you apply shampoo to the carpet and then leave it to dry so that it absorbs the dirt. A vacuum cleaner is then used to suck the dry shampoo together with the dirt. The Dry Chem method is somehow resembles the dry foam process but the difference between them is that in the dry chem method, a bonnet pad is used instead of a vacuum cleaner whereby it brushes and absorbs the dirt. In the Oscillating Pad method, a well-adjusted pH spray is spewed on the carpet and left for sometime to react with the dirt on the carpet so as to loosen it so that it can later be removed using a cotton pad. In the dry Compound method, a dry substance is applied evenly over the surface of the carpet and left for sometime. The dry compound absorbs dust and dirt after which it isremoved using a vacuum cleaner.

Disadvantage of carpet-dry-cleaning

Carpet- dry-cleaning is commonly and widely used but is not that effective compared to steam cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning leaves behind residues in the carpet after cleaning, which cannot be removed completely resulting to more dirt settling in the carpet surface, which leads to a reduction in the carpet’s lifespan.

Now let us look at steam carpet cleaning. It is associated with use of water (steam) to clean carpets. Steam cleaning is the most effective and preferred means used to clean carpets. It completely removes dirt from carpets thus increasing the carpet’s lifespan. Another term used to refer to steam carpet cleaning is hot water extraction. The method used to steam clean carpets is discussed below.

Truck Mouth method is where pressurized hot water is mixed with a non-toxic carpet cleaning liquid. This helps in removing dust and dirt from the carpet. The mixture of hot pressurized water and non-toxic carpet cleaning liquid is poured on the surface of the carpet and then a heavy suction machine is used to suck all dirt and water from the carpet. This method also removes dirt settled deep into the carpet.

Disadvantage of steam carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is considered the best method used by carpet cleaners but it also has drawbacks. Carpet cleaners spend more time cleaning when using steam carpet cleaning largely due to the fact that it takes more time for the carpet to dry. Dirt can also settle on the carpet during the drying period.

dry cleaning is better for the health of the fabric on which it is applied by any carpet cleaners. City centre dry cleaners provides all dry cleaning and laundry services from a full wash, iron and fold service.

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