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Difficulties of having Hearing impaired

by maemullen

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Disabilities come in several forms. They might be as a result of a minor complication or they might be as a result of major problems with certain parts of the body. The issue of the role of the government and the public towards the disabled has always been a sensitive one. The law is clear that they should be cared for with no room for discrimination. It is essential to try and understand how they feel and what they go through. When it comes to the Hearing impaired, there are lots of problems that they undergo and it is important that they be assisted to get through the difficulties in life.


Hearing impairment does not just come unless it is through an accident. It is through a gradual process and due to increased exposure to the predisposing factors. For those who have been involved in an accident, the problem comes in instantly and maybe overwhelming to the victim. Those who are Hearing impaired usually complain of stigma as the rest of the population does not understand what they go through. Most find the feeling of nothingness quite unsettling. Imagine waking up and being unable to hear any sound; no chirping birds, no flattering of the wind and no vehicles hooting. While this may be a dream come true if it were to be turned at will, it can be dangerous if it is long term. The ears are quite important when it comes to sensing danger as one can hear warning sounds. Vehicles hooting or screeching of tires may be a sign that there is a vehicle about to run us over. If you cannot hear these sounds you may fall victim of dangerous places.


In the workplace, those who are Hearing impaired talk of the discrimination that they face as they try to make the rest of the workmates understand what they are going through. Workplaces function well when there is ample communication both with the colleagues and also with the customers. While the workmates may understand the same cannot be said of the customers who might be demanding immediate services thinking that a Hearing impaired person is ignoring them. Supervisors may too think that their instructions are being ignored if they are yet to understand what the Hearing impaired person is going through. It takes time, patience and courage for both of the parties to understand each other and come up with a workable way of communicating.

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