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hi gtr, first of all... I wanna wish you luck in 2011

hope you answer my quiestons :D

1.did fnatic.pita rly started to play CS like 3 years ago, I read it somewhere in an interview
2.What do you think, how many years will CS last, some players said 1 or maybe 2 years, and how long do you plan to play it
3. is there any difference between 100hz and 120 hs (monitor hertz) since you can only have 100 fps in CS
4. what kind of mousepads is most suitable for SS kinzu, plastic or other...?
5. How come you play on small crosshair.. its very annoying, especially when you miss couple off bullets, and you start to spray, and the cross isnt expanding if you know what I mean... or do you just focuse on aiming?
6. What do you think about kHRYSTAL (honest opinion pls :D)... I heard he was once a known cheater in Sweden, and how come he hits such impossible shots (watch his clips @ sk if you dont know what I mean) especially ONLINE, where is totaly different than lan or bots...
7. I play cs for about 5 years... when I play vs bots, or for fun on public, my aim is godlike, all headshots.. I am very calm.. but when I play wars and stuff, I cant focuse on aiming... its like my mind is elsewhere, any toughts about that, tips.. ?

I have so many question, but I wont write them all, other time... hope you are gonna answer these.. never rly got an answer from any pro players.

1) I dont know, ask him :-p?
2) Around two years or so, hopefuly. We need a new 5v5 FPS game at least what I think.
3) Not really. Use whatever makes you feel happy
4) QcK+ SK Edition is a excellent choice :)
5) I like how I handle the small crosshair, I can shoot more "single bullets" then "spraying" more. But Iam more of a spraying guy so that wasn't so good answer maybe.. But I try to focus on my aiming then spraying!
6) Frej is an excellent player, I did play with him back in LANKLAN/GIANTS etc. I admire how he aims with different guns like Deagle, colt and AK47. Nothing more I can add on this tho.
7) Just try to focus on what your doin' different from playing against bots then against real people. If you can find the answer there, you will play much better next time! :)

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