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Pray for the United States

by anonymous

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The United States of America is a nation in cultural and fiscal decline. There has been a disturbing trend in America, particularly in the church, in which many of the people of faith are now placing their hopes for national salvation in elections rather than in the God of the Bible. Since all have fallen short of the glory of God, placing our hopes in the men and women elected to public office is futile.

Pray For US is on an online outreach ministry offering a powerful call to Christians in America and around the globe. God assures us in His Word that if His people pray to Him, He will hear us and will heal our land.

Many Christians fail to pray for our leaders in this day and age. Conservative Christians grow increasingly agitated with the failing condition of our local, state and national governments and yet the Bible provides a clear direction and action plan for them. We pray for our leaders not out of hopes of converting them to the Christian faith (although that can be an outcome) but in order to live peaceful lives.

We must Pray for the United States in order to heal our land and to cleanse the very soul of our nation. Pray For US provides an outlet for Christians to do just that. The ministry carries its message on NBC radio in the San Bernardino, California area and on the World Wide Web every Sunday. The broadcast features Bible teachings, prayer and insightful interviews with leading conservative Christian thinkers and elected officials. It also explores our Constitutional heritage with the goal of educating Americans about our past and traditions, as well as the faith of the Founding Fathers of our nation. Listener calls to the broadcast are encouraged and appreciated.

Pray For US also provides the means for concerned Christians to directly interact with our elected officials. The ministry provides online prayer campaigns and fax campaigns – both paid and free versions – that Christians can utilize. This allows Christians to send their prayers or other messages to Members of Congress and the Senate. Telling our elected officials that they are being prayed for and reminding them of their oath to defend the Constitution can be a powerful means to influence both our national politics and our culture.

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