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CA Global is a Recruitment in Africa Specialist

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Firms looking for executives in Africa can use the executive search services that are provided by CA Global. The company is a leader in global recruiting and staffing for various business sectors. They are the leading search firm in Africa for the past five years. The services that are offered by can be used by any company that needs to fill a particular role.


Typical roles the company can fill are in financial services, oil, gas, mining, information technology, IT and other business roles. They work with international corporations, venture capital firms, and privately held companies. A thorough understanding of various business sectors allows successful recruitment of individuals for any required role.


One service provided by CA Global is Africa board level executive search & recruitment. This is the division that deals with the appointment of executive leaders and non-executive personnel in need by a client. The major industries for their services include pharmaceutical, medical, manufacturing, services industry, mining, and telecommunications.


Professionals are in need in Africa due to the creation of the African Diaspora. This has seen the return of Africans to the continent to because of market-related growth. The ability of CA Global to see many investment trends allows them to find experienced and well-qualified candidates. Many businesses are in need of candidates that are local or are from countries where a company is based.


The company has a reputation that was earned by being recruitment in Africa specialists. Individuals in need of placement or candidates looking for new career opportunities can use services provided by CA Global. Candidates looking for a new opportunity can find job openings on their website. The company looks to recruit Africans that are based internationally and have experience working with companies in international trade. They have 1000 candidates that have been successfully placed.


The headhunters of CA Global understand the need to find candidates that are competent and have the knowledge to be a successful team member. The methodology used by headhunters offers businesses a special benefit to find the best candidate to fill an open position.


Recruiters have a commitment to provide service that is unparalleled to all clients that need to fill open positions for executives and other personnel. The incentives and professionalism offered to clients is a low-risk option for their executive search needs. They have a reputation in the African region for being a specialist in business recruitment.


Hard to fill positions for a company is a concern for contingency planning. CA Global is able to search for candidates throughout Africa using an internal database and online CV sites. They also use referrals that are requested from established networks. This allows a short list of candidates to be developed.


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