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A Quick Guide to Prestashop

by anonymous

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Prestashop is a highly popular language for the development of e commerce websites for online businesses. The medium takes the benefits of web 2.0 innovations like AJAX features and gen- next functional design. Prestashop was founded in the year 2007 in Paris by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Levesque. Prestashop was invented especially for the medium and small sized businesses.<br><br>


A CMS or content management system must be compatible and function well on all kind of browsers and the latest touch devices available in the market. Prestashop has gained high popularity for many reasons. The most important is that it provides with SEO friendly templates and themes and at the same time you will not need to do any hard core coding. These are some unique features of prestashop that makes it apt for CMS for <a href="">shopping cart development.</a><br><br>


If you have any plans around the corner for opening your own e commerce business within a short span of time but at the same time you are looking for effective content management for your small or medium sized business, then you must not think twice before using Prestashop. In this article we will discuss in detail about the features of prestashop that has made it so popular.<br><br>


<b>Dynamic Features:</b><br>

Prestashop offers a wide range of features that helps in maintaining dynamic online shopping carts like stocks, orders, shipping, product catalog, coupon codes, news letters and much more. These are unique features that can be managed by the owner. Prestashop offers both commercial and free add-ons that give the best solution for the company who want to develop an e commerce website. Prestashop also supports different payment options like Google Checkout, Skrill, PayPal, and much more.<br><br>


<b>Cost Effective:</b><br>

Prestashop has on board more than 275 features that help small and medium sized business owners to increase their sales. Apart from that you will also get 100 modules and 750 add-ons. These are available on the official website of Prestashop.<br><br>


<b>Customization Service:</b><br>

Prestashop is free but you still have complete freedom to create your own tailor made website. You gave complete freedom of creating your own theme to design the highly functional templates. An individual with mere knowledge of web designing will be able customize an e- commerce website by following some basic rules.<br><br>


<b>Easy to Use:</b><br>

As <a href="">Prestashop development</a> is on the whole an e-commerce package that is based on PHP and operates on MYSQL database management. It comes with different tools that are meant creating, managing and launching e-commerce website without paying any kind of money. It is of 6 MB, this makes it easy to update or install.<br><br>


<b>Mobile Commerce Solutions:</b><br>

Prestashop also goes well with mobile applications and helps in creating applications for android based phone. It is cheap and at the same time does not consume much effort. Thus, this makes it easier to connect to people all over the globe.<br><br>


<b>A Quick Guide for Customers:</b><br>

Prestashop has a very sleek and appealing interface. The website that is designed with prestashop engrosses the viewers and takes them through the website smoothly.

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