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Protect Yourself from Infection by Using Latex Gloves

by chunkyjunkie

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Gloves are very useful in protecting the hands from getting infected. People use gloves for various reasons. The surgeons, doctors, laboratory technicians and the ones involved with any kind of medical experimentation generally use latex gloves in order to maintain complete protection from any kind of infection. These gloves are a vital product to ensure safety, mainly by providing protection from getting infected. These gloves are used to maintain standard level of hygiene.


The medical practitioners and the medical technicians usually use these latex gloves. Since they have to deal with infected people and patients with various diseases, they need these types of gloves to stay at the safe side. This is because there is a scope of getting infected in case the practitioners are using bare hands to carry on with the treatment.


On the other hand, the patients might have to expose their infected parts for getting treated properly. In that case, there is a huge possibility of the patient to be exposed to infectious germs or other viruses. The pair of gloves acts as a protective gear that prevents direct contact with bare hands, thus minimizing the chance of infection to a great level.


Nature of the latex gloves


The latex gloves are generally hygienic and are available in variety of sizes. This makes it usable for a variety of purpose, other than in the medical field only. The material of latex provides the gloves the necessary flexibility and durability. The gloves fit exactly with the shape of the hand, and they do not appear to be loose. Therefore, helping the user to carry on with their job properly.


Types of gloves


The gloves can be categorized under a variety of types. The gloves of latex, providing complete protection and preventing the spread of contagious infection, can be divided under the following heads –


  • Nitrile vinyl hygiene gloves
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Vinyl gloves


In many cases, the examination gloves, made from latex, are powdered on its surface with cornstarch. These powdered gloves disposable gloves are very easy to use. The application of cornstarch even makes the gloves easy to use (to open the gloves, as well as, wear them easily).


The nitrile vinyl hygiene gloves provide protection form allergy. These are one of the best protective gears used in the medical field. The disposable latex gloves are used only for once. They are generally scrapped after single-use. On the other hand, the vinyl gloves can prove to be hypersensitive to many. Therefore, they are best used for carrying out short procedures (not exceeding a few minutes).

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