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What are the best methods used for the bedbug extermination?

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Do not be worried if you are a victim of bedbugs in autumn or even inter times. Remember this situation seems to be common for many and you are not alone to this situation. There are many methods used to kill bedbugs. However you should be alert to the situation and take all steps to avoid the infection through these bedbugs before it rises to some alarming magnitude. Bedbugs are basically pests well known for bloodsucking that may cause infection and acute pain to the human body. Hence some proactive steps need to be taken before things get worst. We hereby suggest few actions that are to be executed as soon as you recognize the presence of these bloodsuckers.


Important signs of the bedbug’s presence


      i.        One can notice itching, redness, or even swelling in the arms, legs, face and back of the body.

     ii.        Black or brown marks are visible in the bed as well as in bed sheets.

    iii.        Visible of abnormal small spots of blood in white bed covers.

    iv.        Presence of sweet smell in the rooms at homes or even at business places.

     v.        Appearance of bedbugs in groups of tens or hundreds on the seams of the mattress.


Once you have identified any of the above situations you need to act fast for the bedbug removal operations.


Best treatment methods available to fight against bed bugs


There are many methods used to eliminate the bloodsucking bedbugs. Many of the methods mentioned below are to be repeated periodically while few others are long lasting. One has to select the right method as per their economical situation as few long lasting methods are quite expensive. However one has to act quickly to get rid of these bugs as they multiply rapidly in lesser time.


Following are the main methods used for the bedbug extermination processes:


  • Heat treatment: This is very effective at all levels and many people across the globe prefer this type of treatment as it offers cent percent guarantee of eliminating the bedbugs once for all from your home.
  • Steam method: It is a very effective on the outside of your mattress. It is suggested that steam should be of very high temperature in order to prevent moisture as well as the mold risks. This can be used as a supplement to other method of extermination.
  • Freezing: This is often used as a short term method and will not sustain the effect for longer times as bedbugs survive in this process.


More importantly one has to trust a qualified and experienced exterminator for all the above said methods.

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