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New Honeycomb Pallets for Heavier Goods Packaging

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Honeycomb pallets are the best and easiest way of packaging available today. With the help of honeycomb pallets, packaging becomes much easier and affordable. This is one of the best and cheapest forms of packaging and goods packed in honeycomb panels are easier to be shipped. The shipment packed in honeycomb pallet packing also weighs less in comparison to the goods packed in wooden pallets. They are also a much cheaper alternative to the wooden pallets. At a time when environmental conservation and preservation is important, honeycomb pallets are environmental friendly alternative.

These pallets can be formed in combination of wrapped runners with blocks by blocks underneath. There can also be a four way underneath the honeycomb pallets packing. Apart from this, there can also be single lightweight ply placed underneath or layers of multi heavy plywood placed according to the shipment requirement. There are also cushion honeycomb wherein protective cushion foam or any other material can be placed.  Honeycomb panels are panels or blocks of honeycomb shaped panels in the honeycomb pallets.

The honeycomb panels help to keep the packing firm and support the shipment well. Honeycomb packing and honeycomb pallet packing is used in a wide number of industries ranging from aerospace, glass, paper industry among many others. You can design the wall patterns as per your choice and you can get these panels in different facings. Also the thickness of these panels can be decided as per the essentials. These panels have smooth surface and a wide variety of these panels lets the customer choose the best alternative for him.

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