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Lifting of Excess Pounds - Can It Make Your Bladder To Drop?

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A fallen bladder, which is otherwise called as Cystocele, is a condition faced by many women, wherein the wall separating the vagina and the bladder weakens thereby allowing it to break in abnormally to the space of vagina. In some women, this state might be caused due to excess weight lifting particularly when they hold the breath just for lifting some heavy weighted products. Some of the information about this condition and tips for overcoming the same are discussed in the content given below:

Now, most of the women get a doubt as to how to identify that their bladder has fallen from its original position. When a woman faces such a situation, she will be experiencing uncontrollable leakage of urine or fullness even after passing urine. In some women, the bladder will stretch the opening of urethra and this will result in urinary incontinence (i.e.) there will be leakage of urine when they cough, sneeze or laugh. Breaking in of bladder into the vaginal area will take place with different severities like just dropping into vaginal area or even full emergence through vaginal opening. Some of the conditions that cause the bladder to fall from its original condition are discussed below:

As mentioned earlier, lifting of excess weight can cause it and other causes include vaginal childbirth, strain during bowel movements and lung problems or smoking, which causes cough frequently. If the woman, who is facing this state has passed menopause, it might also be due to the lack of estrogen segregation, which will trigger the muscles on the pelvic floor to weaken thereby reducing the support so far offered to bladder and the vagina. Even hereditary reasons can cause it in some women.

The health care provider will be suggesting exercises and medicines that can promote bladder lift. Some of the health care providers will also be suggesting incontinence surgery for bringing it back to its position. Even though, medications are available, people with severe problems cannot respond to these medicines and in such a situation only a bladder lift surgery will be option available for the health care provider.

One of the reasons for incontinence in women is falling of bladder from its original position and when the health care provider finds that it is the reason for her patient to suffer from sudden and embarrassing loss of urine, she will be suggesting her to go for incontinence surgery only after trying out other options to avoid surgical procedure.

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