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Extraordinary Marble for Extraordinary People.

by awewonder

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When Laxmi Niwas Mittal, one of the richest men alive with a net worth of over 21 billion dollars decided to use decorative marble for his palace in the UK, he picked out Makrana marble from Rajasthan and got it laced with stone inlay made using some of the most exotic and rarest gemstones. Going back in history about three and a half centuries, when the great Mughal emperor Shahjahan wanted to construct what would later become one of the wonders of the world, known as The Taj Mahal, he picked out Makrana marble for this mega yet sublime monument. He is believed to have gone the extra mile to make sure he got what he wanted. He is also believed to have brought the fantastic art of Pietra Dura, commonly known as inlay, to India from Europe. So what makes Makrana marble a priority of the rich and famous?

Ranging from stark white to off white in appearance with a high gloss surface once polished, Makrana marble is one of the most durable stones in the world mainly composing of calcite. It has a very calm and peaceful appearance. Besides making its owners feel like Emperors, Makrana marble is known for its ability to maintain cool temperatures under extreme conditions, Makrana marble is believed to reduce air conditioning usage resulting in less omission of gases affecting the ozone layer. Makrana marble is also believed to have become the choice of green home and office users in this climate-changing world who want to tackle the issue of global warming. Over the years most of Makrana marble deposits have become limited and concentrated with very few key suppliers resulting in its steep price that can only seem reasonable to the rich and famous.

The availability of cheaper substitutes being sold in the market as Makrana marble has led to rumors that authentic Makrana marble is going to extinct. Makrana, a mining rich city for centuries is run out of this nature provided stone famous as the crown jewel of marbles the world over. There is good news. Rumors often have the tendency to mislead. A big small example is, not too long ago, Makrana got a multi million dollar purchase order to supply mint Makrana marble slabs and statues.

There is relief for Makrana marble enthusiasts. Geologists have predicted that Makrana marble reserves are not going to run out for several centuries to come. So it all boils down to whom are you buying your Makrana marble from. It is always wise to do a bit of research on the supplier to check if he is a trusted source for supplying 100% authentic Makrana marble.

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