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Alcohol addiction

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This Holiday Season – Should I Drink or Shouldn’t I?

Finally, the time of the year is approaching when all of us indulge in endless celebrations, partying at office and with family and friends, and inevitably, we will pamper ourselves with lots of delicious dishes and of course, alcohol.

Perhaps, we don’t realize it but this is the time when we start consuming alcohol excess of the recommended levels and develop a pattern of heavy drinking. Who said that you can’t create happy moments without drinking? Why to stick to such rituals that lead us to a path of addiction?

Certainly, the holiday season is the part of the year when drinking becomes socially acceptable and people tend to forgive you for many of your indecent or offensive acts. But afterwards, you gradually find yourself trapped in the clutches of alcohol addiction and ruin your social, personal and professional lives.

Those who don’t drink might be looked down upon by active drinkers, but that’s absolutely fine. Festivities don’t need to be associated with just drinking; instead, it’s the time when you can spend quality and quantity time with your loved ones.

Some of you might be recovering from your alcohol addiction, but during this season you’ll come across numerous chances to drink and relapse to your addiction. No, you don’t need to care about the judging eyes of your peers; in fact, think of the times when alcohol addiction was keeping the fun out of your life. It had almost ruined your life, leading you to depression, anxiety and social aloofness.

Do Make the Decision

Be determined to stand by your decision of winning back a healthier, better and more contended life for yourself. Before you head out for a party, make a decision that you won’t drink come what may. If you feel the urge of drinking when partying, drive back home in advance and spend some light moments over a cup of tea with your family.

Do not indulge in any arguments by engaging in discussions on sensitive subjects. This might turn you towards consuming alcohol. The rule of thumb is to go and party with friends but have a ride to home the moment you feel that people around are overdosed with alcohol.

Do something un-materialistic this holiday season. Remember festivities are not only about boozing, eating and shouting. Why not serve the guests this holiday season? A good host brings life to the party setting its mood and tone.

Don’t Drink Just Because It’s the Season

Holiday get-togethers generally are considered as a token for limitless drinking. Even if you’re not someone who was an addict sometime back and is still recovering, try not to drink in excess just because it’s the season. Yes, people around you will compel you to take another glass but make sure that you don’t cross your limit.

Remember alcohol is a drug that is not to be misused. Just because it’s the season, it doesn’t mean that you can compromise with your health. The festivities are not meant to take you to the drunkenness; in fact, they are to comfort you, make you feel happy.

So, say no to alcohol this holiday season and have happy and healthy holidays!

Some of you might be recovering from your alcohol addiction, but during this season you’ll come across numerous chances to drink and relapse to your addiction.


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