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How to pick a maid for your home 2012

by jgetmaid1

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When choosing maids for your home, you are interested in not only cleaning but also security. The first thing that you want to do is interview the maid. What is your gut feeling about this person? Does she seem competent and friendly? Have her give you references from people that she has previously worked for. You will also want to do a background check. Either you can do this or you can hire someone to do it, but it must be done! In today's world you cannot take any chances. Sometimes it is even worth a second interview to make sure this is the right fit for you and your family.

How to pick maids for your home is something that should take some thought. You need to contact the references that were provided. Don't be afraid to ask these people any questions. Chances are that at least some of the references given to you are friends of the person you are considering. Be mindful of your questions and try to contact all of the references. That way you will get to the actual employers. You also want to focus on security questions. If there has been ANY stealing or other unacceptable behavior, which is the time to start looking for a new maid! You are looking for someone dependable and honest! You want your home safe first and clean second. Security cameras might also be worth consideration.

After you have done a thorough background check, interviewed the person and contacted references, you might want to think about a "trial" period. Have the maid come and do the housekeeping services for the first time and see the results. It would be helpful if for this first time that someone is home. If you are the one home, you want to be there but not be in the way. No one can do their best work with someone constantly hovering and scrutinizing. So just be present but find something else to do. This trial period could be for a month or longer, whatever you feel appropriate.

Be sure to leave a list of specific house cleaning service instructions. Yes, you can tell a person what to do. But honestly, do you think you could remember all of the information? Do tell the maid, but also provide a written list. This will benefit everyone. Maybe she is the type of person who likes to cross off items as she does them. This would be helpful for her. Keep a copy of the list for yourself as well so you can check things off. Have multiple copies available and give one to the maid at every "trial" period visit. Following these steps should lead to a clean and safe home.For more visit

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