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We Buy Any House According to the Market Value

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Selling a property today can become a real problem for the owner. If five years ago you could barely find a few selling ads, the lists have drastically increased lately. Today, everyone is looking after buyers, which are not that popular due to the complicated financing processes and the lack of funds. It is not unusual at all for a home to stagnate on the market for months. In fact, it is almost impossible to sell your property within a few weeks only, unless you come up with an offer that simply cannot be refused. In order to avoid these situations, you need to know about the most common mistakes plenty of owners do. When no one even bothers to call you and ask if it is still for sale, something is obviously going wrong and your stubbornness to do everything on your own will cause even more issues.

Setting up an inappropriate price is definitely a problem that chases most buyers away. Although you may run into ads claiming that we buy any house, it does not mean that you can sell your property for any amount of money. It may have a sentimental value for you. You probably appreciate it like no one else does, but you have to see the situation from the buyer's point of view too. Besides, you should never count on the prices around your neighbourhood for the past months or years. According to plenty of statistics, they still keep dropping. Compared to the last year, the market has lost more than 15% in some areas. With all these, you might be tempted to count on the buying price, but also the adjacent modifications you have done, such as new walls, some painting or other facilities, like a heating central or double glazed windows. If you do not want to lose any money in this deal, you can forget about it, since most buyers will make different calculations.

When the price you think about is too high, your property will end up stagnating on the market. You might get a few phone calls now and then, but most buyers will not even want to see the property if you are not willing to negotiate. They may give you some offers too, according to the money they are willing to spend. Sooner or later, cutting down the price is imminent. Those who have inquired about the price before will automatically assume that they can negotiate even further, reducing the price even more. At some moment, your property will get on a descending path.

This is why it is extremely important to stay updated to the current situation in your area and adapt to it. You cannot change the market trends with just a property. Find out about the selling prices in the neighbourhood and try to reveal more details regarding similar properties. When you manage to learn about the trends, you can obviously make an informed decision and come up with an attractive and decent price.

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