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All there is to Know When Building a Deck out of Wood

by angelinagarcia

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Building a deck out of natural wood does look nice; however, some might tell you that you're still making use of dozens of felled trees. If that is the case, where is the ecological benefit in that? It's best to give wooden decks a chance to defend its stand; you may be surprised at exactly what this deck has to say.

First, you need to understand how particular products live their life from start to end. For the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there is what they call a life cycle assessment (LCA) which they define as an assessment of the environmental aspect and effect of a certain product or item in the market. The LCA has four phases: manufacturing, treatment, use, and disposal. This is how the EPA usually examines certain products as to how they'll affect the birds and the trees in the foreseeable future.

Polymer-based decking may have the advantage in terms of materials used over wood as it doesn't make use of any trees. Plastics may help save what is left of the Earth's forests, as they are made synthetically in factories. Nevertheless, when you look at the part when the materials are processed, it's a completely different ball game.

Unlike plastics, wood is conveniently available and easy to harvest, requiring fewer equipment to sustain supply. You only need a really good chainsaw to fell a tree that can translate to tons of wood for deck replacement and building. Other products may make use of heavy equipment to make these materials, which could additionally need nonrenewable fuel source.

In the end, both wood and plastic decks need important, natural resources for manufacturing. There isn't really a better or worse choice when it concerns decking as people have different views on different products. This is to show that wood decking isn't really making an adverse impact on the environment. If you take the LCA into account when evaluating plastic and wood decks, you can get a clearer picture.

For more info about wooden decks, you could see There is a comprehensive report you can check out, dispelling the misconception that wooden decks are hazardous to Mother Nature. While they require felling trees, the EPA is always keeping a close eye on the manufacturing procedure.

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