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Matters a Denver Personal Injury Attorney Could Aid You With

by javierhoppes

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You may sadly end up with one even if no one wants to experience an injury—due to different situations. You can choose a credible personal injury attorney in Denver to aid with your injury claim if you think that your injury is caused by another person or party's negligence. He can direct you through the many challenging procedures involved in a personal injury claim.

Pleading and Discovery

A personal injury suit starts when you file a formal pleading (called a complaint) with the court. The complaint discusses why you're taking legal action against the defendant and what relief or settlement you're seeking. The defendant, in turn, has the chance to answer that pleading to discuss his side and may also file a counterclaim if he feels that he's the victim in the accident. After the initial pleadings, the case gets in the discovery phase, where both parties gather info to defend their claims.

Pre-Trial Motions

Throughout this phase of the case, attorneys from both sides meet in front of a judge and send requests, technically called motions. Generally, there are numerous kinds of pre-trial motions, but in most cases, only 3 are commonly used: the motion to dismiss, the motion for summary judgment, and the motion for default judgments.


As soon as the pre-trial motions have been completed, the case goes on to the trial phase. As traditional wisdom suggests, this is the duration where in both sides provide their proof to support their claims. Your dependable Denver personal injury attorney will present evidence to show that the defendant is actually guilty, while the defendant party will certainly present proof to refute those accusations and aim to prevent paying damages.

Judgment and Appeals

The final stages of a personal injury lawsuit are the judgment and appeals. At the end of the trial, the jury or the judge will certainly render a verdict on whether or not the defendant is found responsible and how much he should pay in losses. Depending on the decision, either party can appeal the decision if they believe that the verdict was legitimately inaccurate.

At any time during before a judgment has been reached, settlement talks can take place. Typically, the case is considered closed once a settlement has been reached. In many legal systems, a pre-trial settlement is needed before the trial starts. To learn more, go to

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