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Social No-nos at NYC Night Clubs: Four Things to Avoid

by ellafleming

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Night life in The Big Apple is brimming with activities, dense with neon lights, and teeming with dynamic locals and tourists eager for the time of their lives. Who wouldn't get carried away while partying until daybreak at the hottest night clubs in NYC? That being said, just like in any place besides your house, demonstrate proper decorum on the dance floor and avoid doing the following things while in the club:

Invading people's own space on the dance floor.

Respect your space in the crowd. If you get too rowdy on the floor, you won't only make other patrons annoyed but you could get thrown out by the bouncers. The age-old etiquette maxim: get consent before you drag somebody out of his or her chair to dance with you.

Occupying and gossiping on the stairs.

The venue's stairs must always be unobstructed for use. Try not to block others heading out from one level to another or make things cumbersome for other club-goers by requiring them to circumvent you. Bear in mind that the stairs should not be used as a hang-out or meeting area.

Taking photos inside the club.

The majority of people go to the club for a private and relaxing time. Therefore, do not disturb others by taking pictures with your camera, particularly if the flash is turned on. The sudden flare of illumination along with clicking sounds can annoy other patrons and make them feel vulnerable.

Picking a fight with the bartender.

Bartenders are some of the busiest employees in the club. Don't keep on flagging them down and be understanding while waiting to order. You're not the only partyphile in the night club who needs a cocktail. Indeed, being rude with the bartender may make him less thrilled to serve you a drink.

Regardless if you're visiting a night club or similar party venues in NYC, observing the right manners and other proprieties can go a long way. You're less likely to get dragged into issue and you'll have a great time with your buddies. To get more suggestions and information, you may go to

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