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Standard Benchmark For A Business Website Design

by webeveron

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Premium, well designed, simple to navigate and search engine optimized website will clearly rank better in search engine listings thereby directing superior traffic to the website. At this stage it is essential to note that website design and development is not an easy ball game and requires careful execution of the project keeping the standard benchmark in mind.

Important To Note

1.Web development professionals say that the bounce rate of any website is a standard that defines the efficiency of the sites’ landing page.

2.A landing page with comparatively low bounce rate signifies that visitors are attracted in more pages of the website and are keen to discover it more.

3.Even though, no reliable inputs are present to validate the drawbacks of bounce rates, it is a fine idea to keep it low.

Given below are certain tactics that are standard procedures to be followed during web design to manage the higher bounce rates-

1.Incorporate Only Appropriate Content: The web content is the key factor that binds the visitors of the site. Extraneous and inadequate content irritates visitors which further increases the bounce rate. Excellent content on a website allures more number of visitors' and kindles him/her to browse other related pages. Tools such as Google analytics can be used to procure more information about the site data. It is essential to write a piece of content that has the capability to connect with the potential customers and generate more business leads.

2.Optimize For The Target Audience Only: It is obvious that you have developed he website to magnetize a specific section of the customers. Therefore, it is advisable to generate content for the website from the point of Search Engine Optimization and adhere to all the suggested web designing standards judiciously. Inappropriate visitors often leave the page and that adds more to the bounce rate to the sites. Hence, optimize your page to allure pertinent traffic only.

3.Uncomplicated and Tough Website Structure: First impression is the last impression holds true with relation to web design also. The impression that a visitor forms while visiting the site for the first time enables them to decide whether or not they want to revisit the site. An elegant website captures the visitors' imagination and provokes them to browse the website for long. Thus, it is essential to develop an easy to navigate, innovative and dominant website.

4.Defined Call To Action: Every business website has an goal to chase. Whether the site motivates visitors to purchase certain products / services or just to tender them monthly newsletters for advertising, a defined call-to-action is very significant. A definitive call-to-action is very straight forward and gives visitors a clear-cut idea about the ultimate action expected. It is an excellent idea to incorporate buttons or links in the webpage like Pay-here, Login, Download Brochure, etc. to give visitors access to the action part.

These few pointers can aid you to develop a site that is at par with the set yardsticks of web development and get the expected benefit from it.


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