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Preventing Accidental Loss of Microsoft Outlook It

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Have you accidentally deleted an item from your Outlook, and cannot find them in the deleted items folder. Sometimes we do delete items, and such accidents are not rare. But handling such situations properly is of utmost importance. However, preventing occurrence of problem is more important than curing or rectifying one. That is why, it is very important to keep updated backup of your Outlook pst file. Not only that, there are ways (if you are a network environment) that can help you prevent permanent deletion of various items, to facilitate the recovery of those deleted items. You can certainly minimize the chances of loss, but not get rid of them. But don't worry, even if such incidents occur, you can rely on an email recovery software to recover your deleted items.


It is possible to prevent item loss due to accidental deletion, if you are working in a network. However, certain changes need to be made to the registry with the help of another computer in the network.


In the registry editor, search for the key,


and click it.

Now, in the Edit Menu, click Add Value, and add following values:


Value name: DumpsterAlwaysOn

Data type: DWORD

Value data: 1


Once done, close the editor. This ensures that the next time you delete an item, like Sent Items, Drafts, Contacts, Notes, Outbox and Inbox, you will be able to recover them. Once done, start Outlook application, and click on Deleted Item Recovery in the Tools menu. You can view the hard deleted items during the retention period on the server.


But in case you are a single user, you will not be able to recover your deleted items. And in the absence of a valid backup, you fall prey to a nasty data loss circumstance, for which you will need to use a backup for mail recovery or other item recovery.


But in the absence of any backup, you will need to opt for email recovery software. These are specialized third-party tools that have been designed to recover items, irrespective of whether you kept a backup, or whether your Exchange was configured to keep items or not. They run complex algorithms to the hard disk drive, and recover all the hard deleted items from various Outlook folders.


Stellar Phoenix Deleted Email Recovery is one such reliable and user-friendly tool that can recover e-mails, calendar items, contacts, notes, journals, attachments, and all other items that have been deleted from Microsoft Outlook pst file. With support for MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000, this email recovery software can recover items from encrypted and password-protected files.

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