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The rising trend of web 2.0 Advertising

by anonymous

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Online Advertising practices are becoming liberal these days. Anyone who can afford the resource of an internet advertising campaign is eligible to launch any type of promotion on the internet world. Also with the introduction of blogging and social networking sites, a new trend of web advertising has also been set among advertisers. Web 2.0 Advertising, of late, redefines internet advertising like never before. This blog provides a brief idea about the rising trend of web 2.0 advertising and its advantages.


It has been noticed that advertising on social networking sites provide the much needed proximity to clients besides increasing the frequency of social contact. A major advantage of online advertising on social networking sites is that it creates a structured internet community for prospective customers where likeminded people interact with one another. It is the choice of an individual to continue or discontinue any association with the advertised brand. Customers are always king when it comes any type of advertising be it web advertising or other forms. Everything is also under one’s control. There isn’t any case of any type of force exerted on particular customers to buy or adopt a product at any cost. The advertiser simply presents his brand message and that’s it.  Customers can have their choice to accept or deny what is being communicated by the ad message.

 Free and fair expression is another advantage of web 2.0 advertising. While blogging or sharing an update on Facebook, a brand owner needs not be too serious in terms of presenting his brand message. As a most observed trend on social networking sites, anything presented in a humorous manner is easily liked and commented on. If you want your brand to take an active participation in the competition, you as a brand owner should maintain a good social networking relationship with your prospective clients.

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