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An Honest Review of Diamond Studs Wholesale

by liyo89

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Writing about diamonds at least once a week makes you a little bit more cautious when you review a diamond wholesaler on the internet. You know exactly what to look for, and where to look for it, so the job may be easy or hard, depending on the diamond. Thankfully, with diamond studs wholesale review, the job was as easy as pie, because I can't find another wholesaler on the internet that can compare.

First off, let's start with prices, because quality means nothing if you are paying out your entire life savings just to get it. After a thorough review of their entire website, there are three categories of diamonds available; Brilliant Round diamonds, Princess cut diamonds, and the select custom made diamond jewelry that they make individually. As we all know, the Brilliant Round cut is the bestselling, and also the most affordable, diamond cut on the market. But,, they take affordability to a new level. We have never seen prices so low on diamonds, both high quality and low. The same goes for their Princess cut diamonds, as the price difference between two diamonds, everything identical except for cut, are so small we didn't even notice at first. Similarly, when we sent them a picture of a local retailer's diamond engagement ring, they said they could custom make it and ship it to us at a price lower than what that retailer was selling it for right there, ready-made.

Next, before we go, we have to talk about quality, both of their diamond studs wholesale reviews earrings and of their Customer Service. And, in that respect, they deserve five stars all around. Their friendly customer service agent gave us as much information as we wanted without trying to pressure us even one bit to buy, and they had no idea who we were. Also, when we got our first glimpse of the diamond engagement ring we called "affordable" in the previous paragraph, is one of the nicest diamonds we have ever seen at such a price. Comparing it to the local retail diamond engagement ring store would be destructive for that store, as they can't even get close to competing.

In order to wrap things up, we should give you just a sentence of two summing up our entire experience. Number one, they were attentive, passionate about what they do, and they truly care about the customer's wants. Number two, they really know their diamonds, VVS diamonds, VS diamonds, and even the best of the best, their Flawless diamonds.

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