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Routine Maintenance of Airflow Sieving

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Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery is a company engaged in: ultrasonic vibrating screen, vibrating screen, roller screen, vibrating motor products, it specializes in manufacturing, it integrates independent research and development, production, sales and service in one, and serve our customers across the country
     The company's main products are: line screen, vibrating screen, mining vibrating screen, vibration sieve, drum sieve and so on.
Care and Maintenance of airflow sieving machine
Operating personnel must be strictly obey the product specification requirements, and proper use equipment and do well good equipment cleaning, lubrication, tightening and corrosive routine maintenance work, and keep the equipment clean inside and outside, good performance, safe and reliable state.
    Electrical control box should be kept clean, and strictly prevent dust falling into the control box, and cause the malfunction or short circuit of the electrical components, and regularly check the ground wire is good, the cable from equipment to the power switch is good, if any, aging cable should be replaced.
Airflow sieve host, motors and fans need each year to overhaul, adding an appropriate amount of lubricating oil, remove the dust from the motor. Sieve machine equipped with exciter once or twice per year must repair, maintenance each time you need to add oil to the connecting bolts fastening. When replacing the mesh of airflow sieve, you need to ensure uniform tension, when fixing the wire rope at both ends; you need to adjust the screen edge and fastening edge.
Common Failures of airflow sieving machine
1.When handling capacity cannot meet the requirements, you should choose the test sieve to detect the materials.
2. When the handling capacity increases suddenly, you should test the finished product and analyze the result, if the finished products are unqualified, you should check if the mesh is intact.
3. suddenly no material when working
   (1) You Should check whether the fan is normal, if the flow of fan reduces, you should repair fan motor.
   (2) Check whether the discharge auger cannot rotate, not nesting.


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