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Metal Proposals from Maryland Roofing Contractors

by luemadson

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Maryland's damp climate is a great reason for going metal--roof-wise, that is. Metal has traits that make it more tough against degeneration compared with other products like clay tiles or wood shakes. Metal is also light-weight, tough, and, for the most part, corrosion-resistant, making it a perfect recourse to ordinary roofing materials.

There are several metal roofing products that you can select from, each providing its special benefits. Take the time to look at the options that Maryland roofing contractors recommend. The following are just a number of them:

Galvanized steel
Pricier than wood, clay and asphalt, but definitely more economical than either aluminum or copper, galvanized steel is best for budget-conscious homeowners. It endures great winds, extremes in temperature and even acid rain. It is also extremely flexible, able to adapt to a large range of architectural styles and roof shapes. On top of that, steel can be made to simulate wood, clay, stone, or copper. So if you want a roof with remarkable stability but choose a rustic appeal, give steel a try.

Extremely light-weight, sturdy, and long-lasting, aluminum roofing has come to be increasingly popular in recent times. The metal resists corrosion efficiently, so there must be little worry in terms of decay from rain or salt spray (careful roofers in Maryland would thus advise this material to seaside residents). On top of that, aluminum roof panels include large percentages of recycled material, which makes it environment-friendly. So if you desire a roof material that's cost-effective and helps you to keep your conscience, aluminum may be your most reliable choice.

Generally considered as the granddaddy of metal roofing products, copper offers a classic, beautiful appeal that only improves with time. This roofing option is practically maintenance-free--the highly-sought-after green patina that results from the oxidation of the metal acts as a barrier against destructive substances. One more of copper's bonuses is that it is exceptionally light; only aluminum defeats it in this department. Copper, nonetheless, is extremely pricey, so if price is a trouble, that green patina may lose its appeal with you in an instant.

Residents are considerably turning to metal and uncovering its countless benefits. Talk to your local roofing contractor now and discover your choices. To find out more, check out

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