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India music concerts – Bigger and better year after year

by PreetiJagwani

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NH7, The Great Indian October fest, Sunburn. India music concerts are happening in full glory. The concert culture happened quite late in India. The earlier concerts would mainly include Ghazal singers, Bollywood singers etc. Then came events such as Independence Rock and other such events that revolutionized the scenario of Indian music concerts.

With bands such as Indus Creed (then Rock Machine), Mirage lighting up the rock scene of India, it was only a matter of time before mainstream concerts hit India. Slowly and steadily Indian music concerts became more and more popular and the masses started flocking to these concerts. Apart from the popular Bollywood and Ghazal concerts, there would be rock concerts and pop concerts. With technology and innovation the music scene changed. Technology has completely taken over music and concert culture. The sound systems are better, the stages are massive, the overall ambiance of the place is perfect and audiences love the whole vibe of a live concert.

Genres of music apart from rock and pop emerged and took center stage. Technology and innovation mixed with the magic of music led to genres such as house music, trance, techno and many others. More and more genres started coming in, attracting more and more people towards multiple genres of music. As of today every genre of music has a huge fan following. With the introduction of multi-genre festivals, people flock in huge numbers to shows such as these. India music concerts such as NH7 are multi-genre festivals. NH7 especially has different stages featuring different artists playing different genres of music. India music concerts have also had big names such as Metallica, Roger Waters, Megadeth, Enrique Iglesias and many more playing live to massive audiences. These shows sell-out within days. Even bands such as Iron Maiden have come down to India three times, purely because of the audience and the welcome they receive when they play live in India. Other famous acts that have come to India are Deep Purple, Joe Satriani, Pitbull and many more.

India is now very receptive to concert culture. Apart from large events, small scale events also take place. All across India, especially at places such as Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, there are small shows that feature local acts. Venues such as Blue Frog provide a lot of opportunities and a solid platform for artists to launch themselves. Even these small scale events feature a lot of artists from various genres. At places like Blue Frog a rock n roll event and an electronica event may be held together. The beauty of multi-genre festivals and shows is the fact that a lot of people attend these shows and get to discover new music.

With the advent of Electronic dance music more and more people are following the concert culture. India music concerts such as Sunburn feature a lot of electronica acts from all across the nation and the world that attract people in huge numbers. Sunburn, for the mega event that it is, is touted as Asia's number one dance festival. The concert culture is in full flow in India and is getting better concert after concert.