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Talk Time with Your Toronto Airport Taxi Driver

by earnestinenovick

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”Don’t speak to strangers,” you remember being taught as a child; however, you’re not a kid anymore and there are several moments—like traveling via airport taxi in Toronto, for example—when small talk might seem necessary. Maybe it's the excitement of being in another place, the friendly manner of the taxi driver, or simply boredom that urges you to start talking. But because security must still be your main priority, take note of the following safe and typical chat subjects and suggestions:


Though it's been said that "talking about the weather" is the oldest icebreaker in the book, it's still a good conversation starter. Either you or the driver can make a passing observation about the present conditions. Depending on your enthusiasm and the driver's opinions, you can begin with a straightforward, "Nice, sunny day, huh?" and wind up discussing climate change or just how you can manage to be comfortable in the Toronto climate.

Must-Visit Places in the City

Nobody knows the city's ins and outs better than a seasoned taxi driver. If you're fortunate to be chauffeured by an obliging driver with a sturdy love for the city, he can easily become your personal tour guide throughout the duration of your ride. Such cab drivers commonly enjoy playing unofficial tour guide and providing relevant facts about the city’s sights and sounds. You could also ask them for referrals on the greatest spots for dining and mingling.


Even drivers from a professional Toronto airport taxi business can get tired too. And sometimes, they cannot help but tell their passengers about their fuel or car rent expenses and the long work days that they withstand for their loved ones. When this subject enters the conversation, try to be empathetic and respond by sharing one or two of your very own work troubles.


Often, the sight of a single traffic enforcer or the mention of a political concern on the radio can easily urge a driver to share his opinions. If you share the very same viewpoint, you can have an animated exchange. This is still possible if you beg to differ, as long as both of you stay clear of being too argumentative and continue to be respectful.

Constantly remember to never divulge any personal or delicate information to taxi drivers and folks you do not know in general. Keep discussions light and generic. For even more taxi safety suggestions, you could visit

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