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Vacations to Remember at Telford Caravan Storage

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How to truly enjoy the vacation in Telford, England without being totally stressed out? Read on.

The year 1960 has been the turbulent time in the United Kingdom as many towns and cities were either established or incorporated into existing ones during the decade. Telford, located 150 miles away from London and to the northern region of Shropshire county, is one of them. Companies have expanded and new industries have come into existence, making this town an industrial hub after the revolution. Being founded by Thomas Telford, a civil engineer by profession, and named after him, this town is famous for a number of restaurants, pubs, as well as tourist attractions that showcase it's industrial history.

Dining in Telford

The evolution of food industry in Telford has had no small part in these changes in the last four decades. Dining in restaurants about five miles north of Telford downtown takes the experience to a whole new level. More and more tourists visit the Spice Lounge, an Indian restaurant famous for its spicy food such as chicken with spinach, lemon fish dish and the signature gourmet available with special discount. By placing a white minimalist paintings and decorative hangings, the restaurant has created a great ambience for the guests. Progressing a street beyond the crowded area, and located just ten minute drive away from the city center, is the Dorrells restaurant, that serves pork, chicken and seafood dishes in both eastern and western ways.

Night Clubs and Pubs

The Crown Inn might be the oldest pub in Telford, but not the one that has experienced economic downturn. Founded in 1830, this pub has a yellow exterior and creative interior with a unique contemporary design. The Crown Inn is a hot place to visit if you are looking for a traditionally brewed ales. The dark wood paneling, a dozen ales to choose from, hand-pumped ciders and the hundreds of loyal customers add up to this pub's winning formula.

Town Park of Telford

Also located a mile from the town center is the famous Telford Town Park, and its hidden treasure that includes 400 acres of land with woods, gardens, ponds and play areas. This park has been developed on an industrial plot of the 1970s, home to a church of the 12th century, a nature reserve with wide range of species and a beautiful amphitheater. The play area, also known as Wonderland area, has picnic spaces, trails and play equipment for kids.

Shropshire Caravan Storage, Telford Caravan Storage and Campsites

One of the things people like about Telford is the Church farm caravan in Rowton, around a mile from Telford and withing easy reach of Wales and the West Midlands. This is a friendly campsite with a beautiful farmhouse, bringing the old charm and contemporary living together. There are electric hookups nn the site and various other facilities for a comfortable living. Apart from the lovely view of the Wrekin Hill, the three course lakes nearby offer a suitable environment for trout fishing.

Blists Hill Victorian Town

True to the founder's opinions, visitors of Telford who want to see the remains of the industrial revolution feel welcome in the Blists Hill Vacation Town, a 10 minute drive from the main city. The Ironbridge Gorge museums, Canal street of the 19th century, portraits and old stores adorn the street around this place. The industrial heritage will be on display during the winter season, but part of the town's challenge is to find a way in which it could create a busy environment throughout the year, while keeping the customers of these businesses happy. A Victoria-themed fair makes this happen during the rest of the seasons.


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John Hendrix is a travel writer and author who writes about various campsites across England. Today i want to share my lovely experience with one of the campsites that i have visited recently. Shropshire Campsite located at Churchfarm, which is only a few minutes from Telford, Ironbridge and Shrewsbury is one of the best campsites in U.K.People who like to travel using a caravan should visit Telford campsite at Church Farms for your next camping. For more information visit

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