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Ballet Tutus - Dance Dresses for Graceful Performances

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Ballet performances are some of the most graceful and awe-inspiring dances we have around. It is only right that such a beautiful dance be accompanied by an equally beautiful lyrical costume and this can be seen in ballet tutus. These short graceful dance dresses help make the dancers look like they are doing their thing so effortlessly in addition to lending an extra zing to the performance.

Previously ballet costumes, which are designed to be close-fitting, tended to constrain the various movements of the performer. However, thanks to emerging trends in textile engineering, performers are now enjoying freer movements and comfort for their skin yet the costumes are still close-fitting. It is therefore absolutely necessary to ensure that the costumes you purchase next have been made from quality materials.

What kind of ballet tutus do you need? These are of a wide variety of styles befitting different performances. Nevertheless, the point to observe when choosing any of these outfits is to remain relevant and professional.

There is the very popular Romantic tutu that is basically a three-quarter length size dance dress that flows freely and which is suited for large movements thus leaving a mind-blowing effect on the judges and audience. The Classical tutu on the other hand is available in two main designs - first is the bell type which is a stiff, flat design tutu with a curve at the end (for the bell shape) and is meant for graceful performances. The second is the Pancake type which is also a stiff and flat designed tutu but without the curve (as the bell) but nonetheless it is still used for similar performances as the bell tutu. Almost similar to these two dance costumes is the Platter tutu but which is completely flat and hard plus it sticks out from the performer's waist. The Balanchine tutu is short in length with no hoops in it and has a few layers of netting.

As has been described, these lyrical costumes are certainly distinguishable from each other and they therefore bring an individually different effect to a ballet dance performance. You can quickly and easily find ballet tutus in these and other different designs in online stores. There is always a wide range of colours to choose from and you will need to select one that best suits your performance. The important point though is to find a tutu that fits comfortably as its size will definitely affect your performance. As such it is always advised to make proper use of the sizing chart provided by the online store so as to get a costume that fits right. All the best in your ballet dance!

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