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Why Dental Care is So Important for Patients With Diabetes

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It is extremely important for patients diagnosed with diabetes to maintain both oral health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, several obstacles make it more difficult for diabetic patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums, but at our Rancho Cucamonga Diabetes Dental Office, we are specially equipped to care for your needs. We know to look for the following dental issues associated with diabetes:

Increased Instances of Thrush
Thrush is a fungal infection in the mouth.  While usually associated with young children or adults with compromised immune systems, thrush can also often plague those with diabetes because it feeds off of sugars and starches in the mouth. Those patients who do not have their diabetes under control should be mindful of common Thrush symptoms, including a burning/itching sensation in the mouth.

Compromised Oral Healing
Dental practitioners will want to take extreme care when treating those with poorly controlled diabetes. Because patients with diabetes often have delayed or slowed healing of wounds and injuries, it is particularly important that your dental professional be mindful of your compromised healing when dental scaling is performed.

Tender and Swollen Gums
Please notify your dentist immediately if you experience red, swollen, or bleeding gums; these may be indicative of a bacterial infection of the gums. Diabetics are at greater risk for gum disease due to the fact that their white blood cells are impaired, making it more difficult to fight such an infection.

We work cooperatively with patients living with diabetes to keep their oral health in check. In order to do that, you must manage your blood sugar levels and find a dentist knowledgeable in treating the needs of diabetic patients. Please give our Rancho Cucamonga Diabetes Dentist a call to learn more information or schedule an appointment.


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