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Volcano Landforms and kinds of volcanoes

by adam89

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Our earth is formed of three layers mainly known as: the outer crust, the middle layer mantle and the inner core. The core which is the inner region has high temperature of about 5000 degrees C. So we all are living on huge fire ball of rocks which are molten and are surrounded by rock which is the crust. As heat increases the magma inside the earth finds a way to rise up even though there is crust present above it this eruption is known as volcanoes.

The crust layer is broken into many pieces known as tectonic plates as it is very thin. So volcano is not spread randomly in world, it occurs mainly along the boundaries of plates and especially in subduction zones. So in these ways volcanic landforms get created during the flowing of lava through many plateaus and the mountains on the earth’s surface.

Volcanic eruptions may cause volcanic landforms which are made out of ash, lava, and some other materials like lava plateaus, shield and composite volcanoes and other form. So landform in volcanic regions is the effect of chemical composition of materials that were deposited during eruptive phases.

Types of Volcanoes

Shield Volcano

 It is associated with basalt lava. Lava is ejected under high pressure and it travels long distances and is spread out in thin layers holding little gases. They are generated from Hawaiian eruptions. Basalitic lava also erupts along mid ocean ridges and beneath continental plates.


Felsic lavas are associated with Stratovolcanoes erupting large amount of gas under pressure. Exogenic processes erode stratovolcanoes.

So nature of eruption of volcano depends on type of magma involved.

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