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Cool T Shirts for Special Occasions

by mikerowland

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In the history of clothes nothing has been more popular with most people than t-shirts. Right from the early part of the 20th century when they became an important part of the army’s uniform, they caught up with the rest of the community so easily and today have become common with every age group. Designs after designs have come up all with intent of providing people with a variety of choice.  Every group now has its own design and you can get ones that suit every occasion. When it comes to special occasions, you need cool t-shirts that will reflect nicely on you and those that will generate adequate attention.


The graphics for cool t-shirts have to be just right. You are looking for a t-shirt that will generate controversy for this occasion and hence you should choose from the wide allay of available t-shirts and see what fits the bill. If it is an occasion where only your peers will be in attendance, you do not have to worry about how controversial the graphics will be as you might not be the only one to make an appearance with suggestive graphics. This is the time to be creative and you should avoid the ordinary t-shirts at all costs. There are tens of images you can choose from and depending on your taste it is always advisable to pick one that you identify with and one that people will find cool.


You can opt to have your favorite movie stars, music celebs or part of your favorite scene no matter how explicit it is. The purpose is to impress your friends and college mates and having a subtle image will not do the trick. Pick something explosive that borders on nudity and insanity and you can bet that your friends will remember you for long.  This might be the only occasion you get to wear these Cool T Shirts and hence it is better that you reap maximum in the process. You can have some suggestive quotes on the cool t-shirts, phrases that are catchy, explicit and highly memorable. Remember that you do not care about the response of the people you are going to meet as long as you do not wear it in front of your parents. You want to impress your friends most of whom will also come in cooler wears and even more explicit than you. You do not want to be the only odd one out.

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