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Worry Incontinence Surgery - Some Information

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Stress Urinary Incontinence surgery is generally performed on women with problem of involuntary leakage of urine. The purpose behind this surgery is to support the bladder and urethra whenever the patient with this condition sneezes, coughs or lifts some heavy weight, which causes strain to the urethra and bladder. This surgery is known to repair the pelvic muscles, bladder or urethra after a woman gives birth to a child or after menopause period or after deformity in the body of a woman. In worst cases, some women might also see that their bladder begins to fall outside the body and even some of them can see the bladder protruding outside the vagina itself.

Stress urinary incontinence surgery is done with a view to put back the urethra and bladder to their original positions and it is done by two ways (i.e.) by entering the body through the vagina or through the wall of the abdomen. Local or general anesthesia will be offered to the patient undergoing this treatment and once the surgery is complete, most of the patients will have a catheter or Foley in place. After some months or even years, the catheter will be removed from the body of the woman, if she could completely empty the bladder on her own and there is no more urine leakage problem. Since there are several risks associated with this surgery like infection, bleeding, breathing problems, adverse reaction due to medicine used for performing the surgery, incomplete cure, overactive bladder symptoms, etc… women should ensure that the treatment is done only under the supervision of a professional health care provider. If done by an inexperienced health care provider, there are chances of some women facing side-effects from the surgical procedure.

Recovery time from surgery for incontinence in women will purely depend on the individual health condition of the patient. Some might respond quickly, while it might take some more periods and age factor also decides the time of recovery.

As some women think, surgery is not the only remedy to this condition and there are other treatment options available as well. If women can approach their health care provider in the early stages of the problem, the condition can be cured with the help of medicines and some exercises itself. In some women, bulking agents like collagen is used into the urethra for making the opening smaller in such a way that leakage of urine can be avoided. There are also some products specially meant for supporting incontinence in women. Some of the products like incontinence pads can protect them from embarrassment in front of others.

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