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Hire Android Developer to Develop Ace Educational Apps

by manishyadav

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There was a time when computers were a novelty, mere hobbyist devices being employed in the confines of universities and government institutions. However, upon the commercialization of internet, computers saw greater use and acceptance at office, home and school environments.  Then from traditional & bulky desktops computer, a transition was made towards portable laptops. Although traditional laptops and computers are very much in use today, new devices such as tablet computers and smart phones are capturing the market as well as the imagination of the younger generation. 
A primary reason that has facilitated the growing acceptance and popularity of these devices are the cloud based applications that smart phones and tablet computers are identified with.  With the advent of these applications and mobile computing, development of customized solutions to industry specific requirements has acquired a whole new dimension. Thanks to the application development frameworks provided by the industry giants Apple and Google, apps developers in particular, the demand to hire android apps developers is very much prevalent. 
Android tablet computer are certainly the hot favorite. Android’s Open Handset Alliance (OHA) has ushered several players in the market to manufacture supreme yet affordable tablets for mid-income groups and school children. School and education authorities across the world are attempting to digitalize education.  In South Korea, students from different schools and universities are seen using digital textbooks and educational apps on their tablet computers. 
With jargon and phrases such as ‘virtual classrooms’, ‘interactive learning’, ‘study on the go’, ‘learn any time, anywhere’ doing the rounds, the demand for tablet computers and educational apps in the Android market is quite high. There is a definite need to hire Android developers to create quality educational apps for the platform. 
“Aakash Tablet”, a device made by the British digital company Data Wind, made the world headline in 2011 by becoming the first Android driven educational tablet computer that was on sale for under $35. The tablet was an endeavour of the Indian HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry to democratize and digitalize education in India. With an ever growing repository of technology in every walk of life, it is difficult to image an educational eco-system devoid of technological advancement. 
Today, every aspect of human life is driven by technology. Children from their birth are pre-disposed to technological devices and gizmo's   To facilitate the entry of these devices in the educational life of a child is very natural. Most educational applications resort to the use of interactive teaching methodologies that makes the entire experience of learning less tedious and more fun. 
Thanks to open source technologies such as Android, a host of affordable tablet computers and smart phones are available in the market.  The platform has over 60, 0000 application to its credit. With education constituting a wide market, it is very difficult for apps development enterprises to ignore this industry.  For K-12 education, there are number of application that allows student to learn and study the fun way.  To add more educational apps to the store, hire android application developer with requisite experience and expertise.  

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