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Maintain Your Records Safely with Williams Record Management

by rubybadcoe

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Well-run organizations rely on efficient record management systems to keep their operations running smoothly and prevent any breaches of information. Records management or RM involves more than creating, sorting, and securing data; it also includes proper and timely disposal of company records. This is in keeping with regulations that specify the length of time certain records can be kept.

With an effective RM system provided by RM experts like Williams record management, the safety, security, and protection of important records are guaranteed. Records can be stored in steel shelves within steel-reinforced facilities measuring at least 400,000 square foot. Such a facility receives round-the-clock security to prevent break-ins and enable early smoke and fire detection.

Companies that lack the necessary office space for record storage can take advantage of this RM solution. Records can also be stored electronically as requested to facilitate storage and retrieval. This way, data can be made available on demand. Digitized records can either be transmitted physically or electronically, whichever method a client prefers.

Records stored through reliable Williams record management systems are assigned individual barcodes. These barcodes enable every transaction to be tracked and recorded by an inventory management system using the powerful O'Neil Software. This software is designed to ensure that record center operations can maintain a foolproof and systematic method of records management. Companies are then assured that all their records are free from unauthorized access.

Meanwhile, records are indexed by title into the inventory management software. Once all entries have been uploaded, the records management provider will accordingly notify the client. Companies can also be provided with access to these entries if they so wish. To retrieve data, all a client needs to do is to request access and indicate the specific entry title they need.

Finally, as mentioned above, companies rely on records management services to safely dispose of sensitive documents that have exceeded their allotted retention timeframe or those that are considered obsolete. These documents will be shredded in bins at secure facilities. Upon completion of the document shredding process, a certificate of data destruction will be forwarded to the client. For more information, visit

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