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Quiqlite Pro Concealed Flashlights

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Quiqlite Inc was founded by a law enforcement worker who realized that there was yet to be a flashlight that could be used hands free and could be incorporated into the uniform without being seen. As such he decided that he would create the world’s first ever hands free flashlight that would be suitable for reading and writing in dark environments without losing use of any of the hands. And so the quiqlite flashlights were developed.


These flashlights follow a unique design and are easy to use and as a result of this the name Quiqlite is becoming increasingly popular and is being called one of the most trusted names in the law enforcement industry when it comes to making flashlights. There are currently over ½ million paramedics, police officers, military personnel and firefighters who use quiqlite lights to perform their tasks more efficiently while protecting themselves and civilians around by being able to use both hands for whatever is necessary to be done. These lights are also being used in tactical missions as well as for casual leisure in both on and off shore operations.

One of the things that sets
quiqlite flashlights apart from others is the fact that this gives you good night vision which is not common of other flashlights. With their lights you get a crystal clear image and there is no glare or yellow spots like other flashlights. The lights are rechargeable and if you want more than the normal amount of light which is 20 lumens you can get that with the flip of a switch to get as much as 150 lumens of light. It is also made with nylon plastic as well as aluminum so you know that it has a durable bod that will provide years of service to anyone who owns one. It has a battery life of 11 hours per charge and can be recharged in a wall outlet, vehicle outlet or through a computer with the help of a USB port.


There are four different quiqlite flashlights to choose from; the white LED flashlight for normal reading tasks, the Red/white LED flashlight, the Blue/white LED flashlight and the ultraviolet light LED. Any of these variations can be purchased online by anyone and are not just limited to tactical personnel. They can be purchased at online stores like Range Master Tactical Gear.

Their sleek design and superb illumination possibilities make them a first choice for tactical workers. They are perfect for using at night when a police officer needs to be vigilant in protecting themselves while trying to do their job. Even in poor lighting conditions you are able to see just fine allowing you to perform the necessary tasks hands free and in the dark. With a battery conservation feature you will know that the battery is going before it dies out giving you ample time to recharge etc. It also has an auto off feature so that if you forget to turn it off your battery won’t die due to being on for a prolonged period. Not only can it attach to your shirt pocket but to any other surface that is no thicker than 1”.

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