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What New York Industrial painting contractors exactly do

by liyo89

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NY Industrial Painters / New York Industrial painting contractors use a variety of techniques to coat surfaces with paint. Unlike plain methods used by amateur home owners, there are scores of more ways to arrange a layer of paint than just by applying a brush and a roller. Additionally, the surfaces in industrial painting tend to entail a lot more systematic preparation. Hiring professionals can help you get long lasting results. Here are some key points that NY Industrial painting contractors usually focus on to deliver excellent results:




Preparation is known to be the key to long lasting paint applications. In case, the surfaces to be painted have not been coated with paint earlier, then the process becomes quite easier. If a previous coat exists in the building, then special attention should be given on its removal. This is a skill that requires an expert touch.


Surface Preparation


Experts use ultra high pressure water jets and many other specialized equipment for preparing the surface properly. This ensures excellent and washing and blasting effect. You can remove grit, dust and other loose particles. The surface is cleaner and ready to be painted.


Abrasive Preparation


This is a fabulous method of preparing a surface for painting. The process is usually undertaken by professional New York Industrial painting contractors. It is dry, wet, or even a combination of wet and dry process. This helps rust, dust, grit, and chemicals to be easily eliminated from the surface and leave a virgin surface ready for the application of paint. With ample care and attention over the process of preparation, the painting process is made easier.


Powder Coating


This is a process where dry paint particles have an electrostatic charge applied prior to getting sited on a grounded surface. The particles are detained on the surface by electrostatic attraction. Thereafter, heat is applied to facilitate easy and combined flow of powder coating.


Coil Coating


This is also referred to as roll coating. It is a high speed technique of applying a coating of paint to any of the metal surface. It is a constant process and ensures fast results. It is also known to be the most cost-effective and energy-efficient technique of painting a metal surface.


Spray coating


This is a common method of applying paints on to a surface. This is extensively used by New York Industrial painting contractors. Call 866-990-2677 or visit

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