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Lakeview Dentist Discusses the Importance of Regular Profess

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Generally speaking, patients without serious ongoing dental needs are encouraged to have professional teeth cleanings once every six months. When you visit our Chicago, IL General Dentist Office for such a cleaning, a hygienist will examine your smile for signs of disease or inflammation. We will discuss our findings with you to address any problematic issues that might put your oral health at risk.

After a thorough examination, a treatment plan will be designed to fit your dental needs. Each patient we see has individual needs and risk factors for gum disease, and as such treatment plans vary. Some patients may require more frequent cleanings, others may be asked to intensify the oral hygiene routines they practice at home.

Routine cleanings provide your hygienist the opportunity to remove plaque and tartar buildup from both above and below the gum line. If left neglected, plaque and tartar buildup in these areas might lead to gum disease or periodontitis. Periodontitis happens when gum disease advances to the point where the soft tissues in these areas become inflamed.

But what causes Periodontitis disease? Periodontitis may set in if plaque is allowed to accumulate. Dental plaque contributes to the disintegration of the bone around the teeth; as a result, pockets form between your teeth and gums. Once these pockets become infected, they will continue to deepen and the underlying bone structure will gradually disintegrate.  

Routine general dentistry care can help prevent Periodontitis. Visiting our Lincoln Park, Chicago Dental Office for regular cleanings to remove excess plaque and tartar will help you maintain proper oral health. Additionally, regular cleanings polish and improve any discoloration of your teeth by reducing the effects of surface stains caused by certain beverages or foods.


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