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Ground Source Heat Pumps--the Greater HVAC System

by darryliorio

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A lot of folks presume that geothermal energy can only be obtained from geologically active spots. As a result of innovative ground source heat pumps available at this time, geothermal energy is no longer confined to particular locations, unlike before. Currently, ground source heat pumps have come to be among the most affordable ways of heating Vancouver residences.

The principle behind the effectiveness of ground source heat pumps is that the temperature underground usually remains steady no matter how much the surface temperature has shifted as a consequence of the weather. Regardless of where you are in Vancouver, the temperature many feet beneath you is most likely to be between 45ºF and 75ºF. This implies that ground source heat pumps do not necessitate as much energy to heat or cool your home as standard systems do.

Because they have no condensing units, ground source heat pumps are also a lot quieter than common HVAC systems. The majority of the system is subterranean, so it's not susceptible to weather damage, nor does it have to be "winter-proofed" as air conditioning units do. A research conducted by a United States government agency exposed that 95 % of individuals who have ground source heat pumps installed in their residences would highly endorse the device to family and acquaintances.

Ground source heat pump purchases have been climbing in Canada as of late. In 2008, sales figures were up by 119 % from the previous year, with Ontario enjoying the greatest growth percentage (200 %). This only verifies that a rising number of Vancouver residents are recognizing the advantages they can get from the ground source heat pumps Vancouver HVAC contractors offer.

Of course, ground source heat pumps are more costly at the start than standard HVAC systems. Setting up such a system in your home can set you back around $ 25,000 or so. But in the long run, as a result of the amount they save from your utility expenditures, these heat pumps will prove to be the more economical alternative. You should also know that the Canadian government offers around $ 8,000 to $ 9,000 in energy rebates for folks who buy heat pumps Richmond contractors offer. That’s more savings for you should you take this incentive.

Ground source heat pumps are potentially revolutionary technology. They will help lessen not only your energy costs, but your family’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions as well. Learn more about ground source heat pumps offered by contractors of HVAC Burnaby locals rely on from //geothermal.cfm.



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