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Distance learning education

by Educationw2c

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Learning started with our existence. From the 1st day we are learning things like crying, playing, smiling, eating or drinking. With the duration of age we are getting enriched with the things to do or the topics to learn. Education system is nothing but an addition in our learning process. We can learn about our self, about the state, about the country, about our parents from the course of our study. We learn about Science, Geography, History, English, Mathematics, social sciences and all the subjects from our education systems designed by the Governing Body of this country. In India the poorest person also dreamed about the education of his children’s who is struggling for food whole the day. He knows the education only can eradicate the struggling part. And that is true. Education behind the reason I am able to express my view about the education system.


In early days Gurukuls were providing education to all Indians. There were more than 7, 30, 000 Gurukuls spreading all over the country. Which teaches us 18 subjects like Mathematics, Architecture, Geography, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Chemistry and Metallurgy within 15 years of it’s duration. They teach us the difference between knowledge and degree. But as the British Govt. came to India they start a new education system which is based on Convent Schools same with their education system. The education system was based on English learning with living facilities. We accepted the new system and spread all over the country. It converted to CBSE and ICSE as far. In some extend it promote the ancient education system of our country. Already about 250 years the same is going on.


But with generations requirement we are adding new things in our education system. We are adding new trades in engineering like Lather Technology, Interior Design, Textile Engineering as the specifications. We add management courses as MBA, PGDM, BBA and other all. Regular courses are still stands alone with its all facilities and specifications. But we add a new in the regular education.Distance learning education system. It is designed by those Indians who feel the requirement of a more degree or certificate while working with any organization. Some feel the requirement of knowledge in this new education system. They add some new feathers.


In this new kind of education system we include the courses from the old education system (regular) formally. Engineering, management and all other professional courses like hotel management as copy paste of the old. The system is different in the new one. Main focus given on the facility and the availability. This is like a gift for those people who are willing to learn more and achieve more. Whatever the requirement will be; degree or knowledge. It is giving opportunity to all. This is for the professionals, service persons, entrepreneurs, jobless youths, school teachers, house wives, retired persons to enrich themselves financially or in the way of knowledge. It implies distance learning courses are nothing but the same courses with better facility.


Way2career giving you the opportunity to get a new degree from some prominent universities of our country. While working in NCR you can get your degree without any headache regarding settlement, time or financial investment. We have our own study centre in Noida where we are providing all the things and facilities for your degree.


So come forward and enrich yourself by <a href= />distance learning education</a>. Explore yourself, Define the knowledge level for a better lifestyle. Define yourself in a better way.

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